Important Announcement!

A letter has been giving out at EDMHSS recently concerning changes in prices in the Welcome Club and other social club activities, please see the transcript of this letter below:

Dear Member,

An important role of the Trustees and Staff of the Charity to continually monitor our services, bearing in mind our aim to provide activities which reflect local needs.

After much consideration, sessions at the Welcome Club and all other Social Groups run by the Charity, will increase in cost to £6.00 per session, with effect from 1st August 2018. You may not be aware that our running costs (regulations, legislation and all material provision) amount to £8.00 per hour, which when measured over the whole year, totals in excess of £70,000.

This increase is designed to assist with the long term funding of the Charity and we hope that despite this, you will continue to access our services.

Yours sincerely,
Paul Baker (on behalf of EDMHSS Trustees)

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