Our Services

EDMHSS provides a range of services to our users.  As well as our primary services such as Information and Advice and Evesham and District Meeting Centre we also provide the following:-


EDMHSS provide a range of counselling to support anyone experiencing mental health issues.

Counselling – Self Referral – Operating Monday and Friday

All counselling sessions are booked by prior appointment. Please contact us  via our contact page or call directly 01386 429454 to book.

Adult Counselling – daytime sessions Monday and Friday


£20 – Unwaged per session

£35 – Waged per session


“I have a purpose, happier and motivated to get up and attend my counselling, my anxiety is lower and having EDHMSS as a support network has given me confidence”

Young People Counselling

In January 2020 we started providing a counselling service to children & young people from the ages of 11 – 17. Counselling for children & young people can be very difficult to access so we will be able to provide 3 sessions per counsellor.

This will run on a Monday evening.

First Session –  4.45 pm

Second Session – 5.45 pm

Third Session – 6.45 pm

Cost – £25

Telephone Support

Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm 01386 429454