Our Professional Advisers

We rely heavily upon our professional advisers, their work is important to us and is highly valued.

Elizabeth Machnicki – Professional Advisor of Psychology






I became involved with EDMHSS at the time they were launching their Wellbeing Programme. My background in Psychology, Psychotherapy and voluntary work made EDMHSS a natural choice. I am now  Professional Adviser of Psychologyfor EDMHSS – a role I have held for the last 8 years.

My relevant qualifications are: MSc. Psychology (OU), Post Grad Dip in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy (Thames Valley Uni London) BSc Psychology (Cov Uni) Dip CBT (London) Teacher of Mindfulness MBCT (Bangor University). I have memberships to: The British Psychological Society (BPS) &The British Society for Clinical Hypnotherapists (BSCH).

I continue to be involved with other voluntary work. For relaxation and pleasure, I walk, practice yoga, meditation and tai chi. I enjoy stories about people, whether in books, the theatre, cinema or a good chat over a cup of tea. My children are grown up and live abroad….. and I am only just getting used to the empty nest syndrome.

Dr Meena Sood – Professional Adviser in General Practice

I was first introduced to the wonderful work of the WellBeing Centre by Sally Dance some years ago. I was delighted to be asked to act as GP Adviser for EDMHSS whilst we were living in the Evesham area. It is a role I have been very happy to continue to fulfill even since we moved to the East Midlands.

I qualified at Leicester University in 1991 and after completing my Hospital rotation which included 6 months in Psychiatry and after my GP Training I have nearly 20 years experience in General Practice.  I have a special interest in Mental Health as I do suffer with depression myself.