Our Services

EDMHSS provides a range of services to our users.  As well as our primary services such as the Welcome Club,  Information and Advice,  Wellbeing,  Evesham and District Meeting Centre we also provide the following:-

The Welcome Club is predominantly a Face Book Page, with advice and support


EDMHSS provide a range of counselling to support anyone experiencing mental health issues.

Counselling – Self Referral – Operating Monday and Friday

All counselling sessions are booked by prior appointment. Please contact us  via our contact page or call directly 01386 429454 to book.

Adult Counselling – daytime sessions Monday and Friday


£15 – Unwaged per session

£30 – Waged per session

Child Counselling – Monday pm

In January 2020 we started providing a counselling service to children & young people from the ages of 11 – 17. Counselling for children & young people can be very difficult to access so we will be able to provide 3 sessions per counsellor.

This will run on a Monday evening.

First Session –  4.45 pm

Second Session – 5.45 pm

Third Session – 6.45 pm

Cost – £20

Telephone Support

Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm 01386 429454

Evesham and District Meeting Centre

Evesham and District Meeting Centre helps you to live well with dementia. The programme runs 3 days a week and people living with dementia can participate one day a week or more if spaces are available.

Members can take part in many activities such as creativity sessions, reminiscence ,music, singing and chair exercise.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10.00am to 3.00pm ring 01386 429454 for more information

Cost – £30 per session