Meeting Centre

We are thrilled to announce our Meeting Centre is opening at our Church St premises in Evesham 1st July 2021.

Meeting Centres were originally developed in the Netherlands and were brought to the UK by the University of Worcesters’ Association for Dementia Studies. A Meeting Centre is a local resource, operating out of ordinary community buildings, that offers on-going warm and friendly expert support to people with mild to moderate dementia and their families. At the heart of the Meeting Centre is a social club where people meet to hace fun, talk to others and get help that focusses on what they need.Meeting Centres are based on sound research evidence on what helps people to cope well in adjusting to living with symptoms and changes that dementia brings.

The project is part funded by Worcestershire Meeting Centres Community Support Programme from funding provided by Worcestershire County Council.

If you are interested in attending the Meeting Centre please ring our office 01386 429454

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